Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July

IMAG1542Happy 4th of July to anyone that may be looking at this blog.

I have had a number of good conversations in the last few days with a couple of good friends and great photographers.  Tom Sears, who is from New Hampshire and Erik Eskedal who is from Massachusetts.

Tom is a wonderful wildlife photographer who has done a lot of traveling over his 80+ years.  He has always been full of hints on photographing animals in the wild and has been very helpful to me. We have had conversations about metal prints, canvas prints, lenses, focusing, etc. If you like beautiful wildlife/nature photos you should stop by his site  (http://www.digitalphotographics.us/index.html)

The major thing that Erik taught me recently is do NOT stand in a canoe and try to get a better angle for a photo of a great blue heron.  You might end up taking a swim with your camera gear. 🙁  When we get together we always enjoy conversation about lenses and composition.  His photography is more “in the moment” and much more varied in subject matter. He just returned from a trip to Myanmar and Cambodia.  You can check out his work here:  (http://eskedalexpressions.com/).

The flag cake is courtesy of my wife, Bette.  It is actually what is called a Jell-O Poke Cake.  She made it for our Fourth of July celebration with family.  It was delicious!

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