Need to Prioritze

Need to Prioritze

new-years-eve-fireworks-20161231-0002Happy New Year!!  Well, where to start?  I am now half way through my Creating WordPress Websites course and my mind is spinning. So many ideas and information. Talk about information overload!

I guess I didn’t read the syllabus as thoroughly as I should have. Not only is the course covering the technical aspects of web developement, it is also getting into the thought process of who would visit the site, what they would be looking for, the best way to set up the navigation on the site, etc., etc. Don’t get me wrong, this is all great information, but it is overloading this particular brain.

I also seem to have gotten side-tracked a number of times. Should I try to update my current site? Should I build a new site in a sub-domain of my current hosting service vendor? Should I start building a new site with the hosting service vendor that is supporting the course that I am taking? What are the cost implications going forward if I switch vendors? How do I transfer my Domain Name to the other hosting service vendor if I switch? And, I am sure there will be a million more questions very soon.

I ended up experimenting with my current site, a new site on a sub-domain of my current hosting service, and a sub-domain of the class supported hosting service vendor.  Each one has to have its own installation of WordPress which means separate user names and passwords.  Oh, and I also have this blog which is another user name and password for WordPress. Talking about getting very confusing. I almost lost my access to this blog earlier today.

I am beginning to think I should just focus on the course and write down all the other questions as they come up and deal with them later.  That is something that I have always found difficult to do.

Oh well.  I will figure it all out eventually.




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