Trying to stay active

Trying to stay active

Moon and Clouds -  Moon and Clouds - 20160617-002I am trying to stay current/active on the different social media apps that I am using (two Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, my website) and process all the photos that I have taken.  I did manage to get some photos spread around the apps for our visit to the Mt. Auburn Cemetery and some cloud pics that I had taken the other night.

In looking at my “Needs to be Reviewed” folder in Lightroom, I realized that I had 450 photos from our last trip to Parker River NWR that I had not finished going through.  Now the question becomes, because that was something that we did in March, should I just file them away in the PRNWR folder or take the time to go through them and see if there might be something interesting even though it would be out of date/sequence. Something to think about…..

I am also finding that I don’t always seem to be in the right frame of mind to sit down and go through tons of photos. That becomes a problem when we have a number of activities in close succession.  I am finding that forcing myself to go through them does not help me pick out the good ones. It becomes a chore, which is not what it is supposed to be.

Oh well, I will keep plugging away and see  where it goes. 🙂

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