Updated Website

For lack of a better term, I have been in a funk for the last couple of months when it came to my photography and this website. I just couldn’t seem to get into the mood to get out and shoot and post photos anywhere.

I was also getting tired of the website. It just didn’t look the way I wanted it, but I was very nervous about trying to change it because I am not a web developer by any stretch of the imagination.

I finally decided it was time to act. I investigated multiple page builders and hundreds of different themes and settled on Elementor for the page builder and OceanWP as my theme. We will see how they work out over time. I put my website into maintenance mode and watched videos on how to use Elementor and the OCenWP theme. The best videos, for me, seemed to be from Create a Pro Website. So far, all of the above have been the free versions which is always nice.

While I have taken the website out of maintenance mode, I expect I will be fixing little glitches as I find them so don’t be surprised if the site seems to be down for a day or two in the future.

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